One More Subway Seat- Adrenaline, Love and Fear

Great post from Adrenaline, Love and Fear.

Some highlights:

  • We are not riding to make political statements all the time.  We ride for pleasure, exercise, and most importantly to commute.
  • Occasionally we will find it necessary to ride in order to make a statement, but we should avoid targeting car drivers of whom we will never garner support.  Rather we should focus our attention on our fellow commuters; those that are in transit on subways, busses, etc.
  • By walking, biking, skateboarding, etc. we are doing a favor for the rest of the city, forced to squeeze themselves into an overcrowded mass transit system.  We need to frame our cause in this light rather than pointing fingers.

Please read his post, it’s dead on.

One More Subway Seat


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