Local Non-Profit Does More Than Recycling

More Bike Lanes by Brooklyn Industries

I saw someone on the street wearing this as I was headed to class. I thought, pretty cool shirt, and looked it up to see where I would be able to buy it. It turns out that Brooklyn Industries makes this stylish tee, which you can purchase here. But it turns out that the apparel company also gives proceeds of the shirt to Recycle-A-Bicycle.

Recycle-A-Bicycle, or RAB, is a community-based bike shop that takes old bike parts from the NYC waste-stream and builds up to 1,200 bikes out of them (diverting 36,000 lbs out of the city’s land fill.. nice!) RAB then works with public schools to teach kids how they can incorporate bicycling into their daily lives, creating a more active and engaged youth in the city. I’d say a great cause all around. Click here for more info and to see how you can help out.


One response to “Local Non-Profit Does More Than Recycling

  1. too cool!

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