Weekend Bike Rides/ Renegade Club

I went on two awesome group rides this past weekend. The first was the Time Out first Friday ride. It was a ton of fun riding in a group through Times Square playing Ridin\’ Dirty. The tourists especially loved it, as we offered a great little show of flashing lights as we rode through the streets.

Also check out some of the pictures i took on the trip, at one point we stopped at the crossroads in front of Grand Central (the Metlife Building) and threw a little party. Great times and I encourage everyone who hasn’t been on a group ride to at least try it once, you really will learn a lot!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My next ride was supposed to be part of the NYU Bicycle Club. For insurance reasons, NYU canceled the trip, but some of us decided that NYU had no right to dictate where and when we ride, so we went anyways. We had a great trip from the West Village all the way up the west side of Manhattan and then over to the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. Anyways, the trip inspired us to begin the Renegade Bike Club. We are essentially a group of students passionate about biking that will be going on sporadic bike trips, short and long, throughout New York. The Renegade Bike Club is the beginning of a great community of young individuals sharing a common interest and meeting new people in the process.

If you would like to join our group, please send an email to renegade-bike-club@googlegroups.com or reach out to me directly at cityspoke@gmail.com. Send us your name and phone number and we will add you to the group. Once again, The Renegade Bike Club has NO LEADERS, NO HIERARCHY, NO POSISTIONS, and NO RED TAPE! Basically, if you want to do a ride, send out an email at anytime, withany amount of notice and any meeting place.


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