You Think That’s A Schwinn!

This is a scene from the darkly-humorous Coen Brothers’ film, Burn After Reading, featuring Brad Pitt and John Malkovich. In the movie, Pitt plays a fitness-enthusiast who is always on the go on with his Bianchi bicycle.

I watched this film about a week ago, and I also passed by Landmark Bicycles today where a line-up of some older Schwinn models sat out front. Seeing the old, rusty bikes out there got me wondering what “America’s most recognized bicycle brand” is up to these days.

After checking around on their  website, I realized not a whole lot! Their latest press release took place in January of 2009, when the company was unveiling its latest electric model.

I should mention that Schwinn is no longer a free-standing company, but was acquired by Pacific and has since joined the Dorel Industries family. Could the parent company just be paying this brand not enough attention? Or is it time that the Schwinn be put to rest? Any chance for this bike to be revived?

What do you guys think? Any owners/former owners out there?


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