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Pictures of new builds!


Saw this bike outside NYU Stern the other day.  It’s cool but also makes me glad that I didn’t go with the gold rims on my bike.  Putting those colors on a track bike is just begging to get it stolen.  This bike probably cant move too fast anyways.  The owner, whose name unfortunately I didn’t get, won the bike at an Equinox raffle and explained that it was pretty poorly built, ie wrong brackets, oversized stem, and cheap knockoff parts made in china.  Either way its an attention grabber, so I suppose Equinox won on that front. Decide for yourself!


Nuthin But a Hero- fixies!

Besides having an awesome style in hip-hop, Tabi Bonney, hailing from West Africa, features some sick fixies in the “Nuthin But a Hero” video.  The music is as unique as the bikes themselves.  Tabi Bonney definitely brings a fresh style to the genre. It gets a little trippy around the 3:50 mark, but its totally worth watching to the end.  I would love to know where those split handlebars are from.  Anyone care to help?