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Committee for Bicycle Safety Meeting

This comes directly from our friends at Critical Mass Panic:

The Committee for Bicycle Safety meeting is set for Wednesday at 7:30pm at the 77th Precinct House, 127 Utica Avenue. We will be welcome in starting at 7pm, and do our best to accommodate latecomers. As James Caldwell stated at this evenings’ community council meeting, we will start to get down to the “nitty gritty” so please make this a priority to attend. Please invite representatives of organizations or community groups who may have something important to add to the agenda, and let’s specifically get the word out to cyclists living in or regularly riding through the 77th.

Anyone that has ideas about improving the quality of life for bicyclists in NY, is concerned about the future of bicycle safety, or just enjoys riding should attend this meeting!  These community meetings are the foundation for real change to take place, and we are encouraging all of our readers to come support and share your thoughts.