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First Pivot

A friend once told me that the maximum number of times a startup can pivot is twice.  By three pivots you are back to square one and left with exactly what you started with.  I’m not sure what the rules for pivoting a blog are, but this is my pivot towards something that I also find very interesting in addition to bicycling around NYC: technology startups.  Similar to the bicycle community, the tech startup community here in NY is thriving.  In fact, its growing at such a crazy rate that even Silicon Valley is taking notice.  So my blog, CitySpoke, whose name and/or logo may be changed in the upcoming weeks will focus on a couple different things from here on out.  In addition to some of my favorite bloggers/blogs out there like Fred Wilson’s “AVC”, Charlie O’Donnell’s “This is Going to Be Big”, Techcrunch, Mashable, Mellow Yellow, Transportation Alternatives, and Prolly one of my goals is to become a consistent, recognizable voice as both a tech and bicycle enthusiast and participant.  My other goal is a bit more personal; to share some of the thousands of random thoughts I have everyday from the things that intrigue me about NY, my friends, relationships, technology, bicycles, food, fashion, and other things I find inspiring.

Fixed gear bicycles fascinate me.  Think about it.  They are the simplest, possibly oldest form of any bicycle.  Before the freewheel was invented, fixies ruled the street for both casual and professional riders.  Even Madison Square Garden was built to hold a velodrome.  But, it’s the pure lines that make these bike so beautiful, the customization and thought put behind every part that has created such a unique  culture.  There is something intrinsically exhilarating about riding a fixed gear bike in New York.  It’s the idea of forming a bond between man and machine.  The feeling of ultimate control in an environment of uncontrollable chaos.  Slowly, constantly, and effortlessly pedaling to what end.  Let me for a minute draw the link between entrepreneurship and riding a fixie.  Entrepreneurship is a slow, sometimes lonely adventure.  The best entrepreneurs  never stop moving forward.  They are constantly pedaling, differentiating themselves, checking the environment around them, assembling with other riders that share the same dreams, and navigating through unknown territories around hundreds of obstacles faster than anyone else on the road.  The life of a NY cyclist reflects the most important aspects of starting a business; knowing the market, creating a unique product, assembling a team beating the competition, and moving quickly and fluidly.  If you’re debating becoming an entrepreneur in this city, there’s only one answer. Try riding a fixed gear.


Don’t drink and ride..

..but if you do feel the urge to break open the liquor cabinet, you may want to try a glass of red wine- but not just any red wine– I’m talking about Red Bicyclette.  Its a smooth wine cultivated in the countryside of Southern France and the perfect finish to any long bike ride, especially in this cold weather.  I’ve tasted the Pinot Noir and was truly impressed.  It’s hard to find a dry red wine, with just a touch of fruity flavor, and for only $10, thats a great find!  I’ve yet to try the Chardonnay, Syrah, Merlot, or French Rose, but I can imagine that they will love up to my expectations.

As a second thought, if you do decide to drink and ride, make sure you wear a helmet, or get some lights, and safety gear.  As always, you can find the best bicycle products by visiting our online store.  Remember this is strictly for charity, all profits will be donated to Transportation Alternatives.

Let us know what you think about the wine and our selection of products in the comments section below!